What we do

I could not resist the inevitable summit shot to explain that the aim of Artemis Consulting is to help you reach your business goals in a way that maximises the financial benefits and minimises the risk.

As an enthusiastic amateur mountaineer for many years I know that reaching the summit of a challenging mountain involves a long process : building up the right skills and fitness; careful planning to make sure that the team have the right resources (equipment, food, money, mix of skills) and making sure that the planned route to reach the summit is feasible without risking accident to team members.

No wonder the imagery of climbing is now so common in the world of business, because that is what running a business is like. Set a clear target and a route to that target and then plan for the necessary resources (funding, management team, equipment, systems, premises) to allow you to get there watching out for the risks ahead and dealing with the risks that could otherwise sink you.

As CEO of a company, running a business can feel like trying to get to the top of the Matterhorn with a rope that is too short and an ice axe that will not grip – you don’t have enough capital to do the things you know need to be done, and the product though clearly excellent is just not getting traction in the market.

Artemis offers two main services to help address this:

  • Training (to make sure you have the right skills to climb your business mountain)
  • Consultancy (a mountain guide who has climbed dozens of similar mountains who can help plot a safe and efficient way to the top).

See here Training for more details on the training offering. Artemis delivers training in both tailored workshops designed and delivered directly to companies for their management teams and also around the world in business schools and universities on open programmes where multiple companies attend.

See here Consultancy for more details on the range of consultancy services delivered by Artemis. Clients range from very early stage high growth companies through not for profit and Government agencies through to global multinational Plcs.