cropped-peacocklogo11.png    Artemis Consulting offers a range of consulting / advisory services to help companies achieve their goals.

The Consultancy projects we have delivered are wide ranging and varied – we tailor as much as possible to the needs of the client. The following list shows the range of recent project interventions.

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  • Restructuring – identifying elements of the business that are unprofitable and repositioning the business for profitable growth
  • Funding  – accessing a wider range of better funding options at lower cost
  • Financial management structures and leadership – as businesses develop and grow, the complexity of financial challenge grows in parallel, often triggering a need for new and more senior leadership in the Finance function.
  • Financial Security – assessing and reducing the risk of fraud and embezzlemet
  • Commercial decision making – are you pricing your products appropriately or are you leaving money on the table by under pricing?
  • Governance structures – establishing shareholders agreements and decision making structures including boards
  • Risk management – assessing exposure to Foreign exchange, commodity input cost, credit and other risks and developing strategies to address this
  • Planning and reporting systems – many companies do not even have these systems, other companies plan but the reporting is highly ineffective and the plan loses all credibility. Often the changes that need to be made to get good timely accurate reporting information are relatively minor but this can have a huge impact on performance.
  • Investment decision making: expansion, acquisition, new product development, brand investment all require investment. Establishing simple models to assess whether or not such decisions are financially viable will save your company a lot of money on costly mistakes.
  • Exit preparation and guidance on company valuation and sale.
  • Acquisition preparation – valuation of the target for acquisition and advice on structuring the deal to reduce risks and protect buyers interests.