I set up this website mainly to offer tools and resources to people setting up or running any organisation where financial management is important – which of course means just about all organisations in the planet.

This section will tell you a little bit about who I am, what we do in Artemis Consulting and the underlying philosophy behind our work.

Small companies are often created by brilliant people from non financial backgrounds, and financial management can feel quite alien to a food scientist or a furniture designer with great commercial know how but no accounting background.

Big companies often struggle creating real cross functional teamwork because non finance and finance teams cannot communicate easily and don’t quite understand each other.

Much of my career has been spent helping big companies work more effectively by improving communication between finance teams and the rest of the organisation, and  smaller companies to get the right financial management structures up and running quickly and cost effectively without swamping the entrepreneur in paperwork and bureaucracy.

In the picture I am practising my communication skills on the peacock, (not very successfully).

The challenge in companies can be similar as we often seem to lack a shared language across functional boundaries. Discussions at meetings can be quite confused as different people interpret the same words in different ways leading to chaotic outcomes and communication breakdown.

I established Artemis Consulting Ltd. in 2005 to address this issue and offer help to companies across all aspects of finance and financial management.

In Artemis I work both independently and with a team of colleagues from multiple other professional areas including Finance, taxation, HR, legal, IT, Export Marketing etc. We can offer a bespoke solution for every client that is tailored to their situation. For each project we form a team of experienced professionals to match the specific client needs and we can operate flexibly pulling in specialist skills as needed from a network of experts who have worked together for decades.

You can read more about what we do here How can we help

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