cropped-peacocklogo11.png  The worlds of finance, accounting and managing money can be confusing to many professionals working in other fields. Communicating with financial professionals can at times feel like talking to a peacock.

The language of finance can be unintelligible, yet everybody knows that in both company and personal life mastering financial management is crucial to success.

Good financial management means getting the right financial resources in place (both money and people) to achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible without taking on too much risk in the process. This applies whether you are managing a small not for profit organisation or a global Plc.

This site aims to demystify what financial management is all about.

I have worked for decades as a teacher, consultant and advisor on financial management for companies large and small. Having seen the challenges close up, I have gathered some tools and practical notes to help you. This will both demystify terminology and clarify what you should be doing so that financial management becomes a major support to your business instead of something you lie awake worrying about.